DeWolf 's  Wolfpack 

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Environmental Print

Sight Words

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

ALL letters and sounds in a snap

Story Retell and Comprehension

Concepts of Print

Beginning Reading Strategies


Labeling and Drawing Pictures to tell a story

Basic mechanics (spacing, letter formation, pencil grip, punctuation, etc.)

Creating ideas and adding details

Writing 2 to 3 simple sentences on one topic


Counting to 100 

Number Sense 0-20

Basic Subitizing

Handwriting Numerals 0-20

Sorting and Classifying

Patterns / Shapes

Daily Calendar Routine

Social Studies

How do we share?

Learning classroom routines

Building our classroom culture

Getting to know you

Leader In Me

History (past, present, future)


Financial Literacy (needs vs. wants)


Observing our environment


Forces and Motion

The Sun and Earth

Life Science

Classifying and Sorting Information

History:  Family Traditions Project

What is your family tradition?  Send our class a video or movie in the month of December.