DeWolf 's  Wolfpack 

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Letters, sounds, short books, and phonics games.

Such a fun site for kids!

Raz Kids

This is our main at-home reading tool.

Students have multiple opportunities to read and comprehend at their   instructional level.

Must have access to a username and password

abc Ya

Letters, sounds, and word games -- MATH TOO!

No password required

A favorite is Sight Word Bingo

Ebooks For Free at Douglas County Libraries

Illuminations Base Ten Frames

Helpful way to learn basic number facts and gain familiarity with ten frames.

No password required

Give A Dog A Bone

Help Your Child Practice number sense to 100

No password required

San Diego Zoo Webcam

Check out the Animals at the zoo. LIVE ZOO CAM!!!!

No password required

Dr. Suess Website

Have fun exploring with Dr. Suess!  Be sure to visit the playground!

No password required

Brain Pop Jr.

Educational movies for k-3 students.  

Leveled quizzes, games and activities in all content areas.

Must have access to a username and password

National Geographic Kids

Kids' games, animals, photos, stories and more...

If you love to learn about animals, then this is the place for you.

There are plenty of free things to do without a membership.


Free educational simulations to enhance our study of Forces and Motion.

Have fun experimenting!

Google Earth

Take a trip to your grandma or grandpa's house.  Can you find it?

Have fun exploring how our earth spins and rotates.

Learn your address so you can find your own house.

Sight Word Games

This site has a variety of fun games to help children learn to read sight words.  

Have fun!

No username or password necessary.



You will find so many great things on this site!

Be sure to check it out.  You won't be sorry!

Go Noodle

We use this site during class when we need to get our wiggles out or if we just need a brain break. 

You will need to create your own free account to play.

Have fun!

Leader In Me - 7 Habits

Visit the student playground to explore and learn about the 7 Habits.  

How are you a leader?

No password necessary